Guangzhou Attractions

No.1: Canton Tower
Type: Sights & Landmarks

Recommended Lenth of visiting: about 1~2.5 hours

The Canton Tower, also known as Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower, is the landmark of Guangzhou City standing by the Pearl River in Zhujiang New Town. With 600 meters high, Canton Tower is the tallest sightseeing tower in China and the third tallest in the world. Reputed as “Slim Waist”, “Twisted Firewood” and “Peak of the Ram City”, Canton Tower offers you different, charming view both at daytime and at night.

Travelers can have fun and challenge yourselves when get atop of Canton Tower. Enjoy a zigzag walk with 1096 steps from 168 meters to 344 meters to appreciate the beauty of Guangzhou in different angle, try to walk through the transparent corridor to catch the best scenery at 107F/108F, ascend yourselves to 450 meters with panoramic view in front of you, get into the sky wheel to see Guangzhou in different way, or challenge sky drop to experience the height of Canton Tower, and if you like, get to the highest point at 488 meters for breathtaking bird eye view.

No.2: Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
Type: History Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: about1~ 3 hours

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, also called Chen Clan Academy, is an academic temple in Guangzhou with a history over 125 years. Built by the 72 Chen clans for their juniors’ accommodation and preparation for the imperial examinations in 1894 in Qing Dynasty. Praised as the Pearl of Lingnan Architecture, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is a typical folk museum with the highest form of wood carving, stone carving, brick carving, pottery, stucco relief, iron and copper casting and colored drawing. The Guangdong Folk Art Museum is here where you can have deep understanding about Guangdong’s folk arts and crafts. You’ll be awed by fantastic decoration once arriving at the entrance and then be amazed by every corner and every detail when visiting the 19 buildings with nine halls and six courtyards.

No.3: Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
Type: History Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 2~3 hours

The Museum of the West Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King houses the 2000-year-old tomb of the Nanyue King Zhao Mo (the second Nanyue King) in Guangzhou. The tomb is the earliest, the largest and with the most buried objects Han Dynasty Tomb. It is also the only stone tomb made up of 750 huge stones with colorful murals. It was discovered in 1983 and then opened to public in 1988 which showcases the tomb and its complete trove of artifacts. This museum is renowned for its rare assemblage of funerary artifacts representing the diffusion of cultures throughout the Lingnan region during the Han Dynasty. It is worth your time to visit which carries more than 1000 pieces of cultural relics, bronzeware and terracotta ware and so on.

No.4: Temple of the Six Banyan Trees
Type: Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Religious Sites

Recommended length of visit: about 2 hours

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, or Liurong Temple, a famous Buddhist temple with almost 1500 years. It got its present name from the famous poet of Song Dynasty - Su Dong Po. He was attracted by the 6 old and strong banyan trees, so he wrote down two Chinese characters - “Liurong” (六榕). It is one of the birthplace of Chinese Zen Buddhism and also listed as “The Four Buddhist Sites of Guangzhou” together with Guangxiao Temple, Hualin Temple and Hoi Tong Monastery. There is a saying going “the Guangxiao Temple is famous for its trees, and the Jinghui Temple (Liurong Temple) is distinguished for its pagoda”. You won’t miss the oldest landmark of Guangzhou - Flower Pagoda, an octangular pagoda with 57.6 meters high which is regarded as the tallest pagoda in Guangzhou city. A visit to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, you can also learn some Buddhist culture.